Books for the Love of Letters

Maybe your littles don’t love the alphabet, letters, and reading quite yet… I have started with many K and 1st graders who were just like, “Uh – that has letters – no thanks!” (They didn’t say it exactly like that…but you get the gist.)

Well, these books can help convert them into lovers of letters! And I have seen it happen time and again…over time, and then they ask to read these again and again.

The book that I read with every student of all ages and tastes, and that they bring up months later, and often want to re-read is The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants, by Priscilla Turner, pictures by Whitney Turner. Many years ago, San Francisco-based Slingerland and Dyslexia Guru Nancy Cushen White read it to us and all her students in her Orton-GIllingham-based Slingerland training, and I have incorporated in my practice since then. I think I have three copies, to keep one at arm’s length at all times.

The War Between the Vowels and the Consonants

Each time I read this book, I discover and enjoy more details with my students, in the illustrations and the text. It’s memorable and somehow seems to open up the idea of how the letters have to work together to make words. This concept is crucial in framing to think about reading. Moreover, being able to identify with the letters as characters, working through conflict to come together, seems to convert letters from detached meaningless symbols, into something relatable. Connection builds, and – TA-DA – reading emerges! It’s really fun. If you plan to work with me as an ET – they will read it with me!


Z is for Moose 

I enjoy this one as a way to reinforce letters while having fun. There is a lot to play within the illustrations to reinforce letter and keyword sound correspondence. The funny story will give access to kiddos who are beyond a standard alphabet book while still giving them practice that they may need.



More favorites soon!

…And thank you!

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