Fidgets: Focus, Fun, and Function

Wondering how to help a wiggly or inattentive kiddo manage the struggle of hanging in there during learning? Fidgets to the Rescue! What? Thinking those just provide further distraction? Or some toy – when serious work needs be done here?!? … Read More

Topics & Articles that I Recommend

Let me know your thoughts, questions, or if there are topics that you would like to see. Learn Better? This book summary has tips for more effective learning, with an emphasis on the “how” of learning. This is big part … Read More

Transitions – Five for the BackPack to School

How do you handle transitions? Whether you are an educator, parent, or learner – change gives rise to a tangled knot of responses. Excitement, sadness, anxiety, hope. Transitions can be uncomfortable, even when they are rich with promise and opportunities. … Read More

Togetherhood Spotlight & Two Book Titles to Share

Togetherhood Online Profile Thank you, Togetherhood – for providing an innovative, interactive online community and resource for parents… and it’s always so beautifully designed! (#visualmatters) And thank you for inviting me to participate in your “Spotlight” series! I am grateful. The … Read More