Looking for Book Ideas?

I love sharing book ideas for my learners with their caregivers! Especially for leisure reading! Practicing the skills regularly is essential to reading proficiency and continued success. Summer in particular is a critical time to take advantage of choice reading … Read More

Reading Comprehension: Can it be measured?

Often reading comprehension comes up as a question for families and instructors. This is reasonable – given we read to understand and acquire knowledge. However, screening for comprehension with an assessment tool rarely felt like it got it right. Below … Read More

We All Need “The Hug”

This book is a delight! √ Clever designs surprised my students (and me!). √ Adorable animals charmed me right away. √ Cute humor brought smiles. See my Instagram Post for more pictures and comments. I am using it in February … Read More

Books for the Love of Letters

Maybe your littles don’t love the alphabet, letters, and reading quite yet… I have started with many K and 1st graders who were just like, “Uh – that has letters – no thanks!” (They didn’t say it exactly like that…but … Read More

Multi-sensory Mindfulness with Thich Nhat Hanh

Throughout the wonderful mindfulness training I received, I wanted to find something that would suit my kiddos who might not do well from the get-go with a sitting-breathing approach. My students need multi-sensory learning in all its forms. They benefit … Read More

Fidgets: Focus, Fun, and Function

Wondering how to help a wiggly or inattentive kiddo manage the struggle of hanging in there during learning? Fidgets to the Rescue! What? Thinking those just provide further distraction? Or some toy – when serious work needs be done here?!? … Read More