Renew Habits for this Framework of 5 Goals

Habits can fade in and out easily ~ solid goals offer a place to ground them. Here are 5 solid gold goals for a framework of habit-building. As the year number flips one higher, humans naturally reflect on the ups and … Read More

Inspiration: Fred Rogers

OUR BELIEFS The foundation of every child’s healthy development is the power of human connection. Whether we are parents, educators, media creators, or neighbors, each of us has unique and enormous potential to nourish children’s lives with positive interactions. ***** … Read More

Togetherhood Spotlight & Two Book Titles to Share

Togetherhood Online Profile Thank you, Togetherhood – for providing an innovative, interactive online community and resource for parents… and it’s always so beautifully designed! (#visualmatters) And thank you for inviting me to participate in your “Spotlight” series! I am grateful. The … Read More

What are Learning Frameworks?

Underneath good learning lie invisible structures. Learning Frameworks provide a mindset and structure to help make the invisible, visible. Looking at a house, we don’t see the foundation, frames, and joists that the walls are built upon. Watching my son’s … Read More