Valerie, Parent

Cindy was very highly recommended to us by the learning specialist at my son’s school. We sought her help because our son was struggling with reading, writing, and focus issues. When I contacted Cindy, we immediately developed a strong rapport and I felt like we were on the same wavelength on many levels. It is not often you feel you can place your trust in someone before you meet or work with them. She was really patient with my son, especially when one day, because of something totally unrelated, he refused to get out of the car to work with her. Cindy gave him all the time he needed. She connected with him and managed to get him out of my car and into her studio to finish up their session. Cindy is a good listener, a thoughtful observer and a kind and patient teacher. She gave my husband and I an extremely thorough debrief of her observations and recommendations when we took a hiatus over the summer. My son is now continuing to work with her during the school year.