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Thank you, Togetherhood – for providing an innovative, interactive online community and resource for parents… and it’s always so beautifully designed! (#visualmatters)

And thank you for inviting me to participate in your “Spotlight” series! I am grateful. The Togetherhood editor provided questions and I wrote responses. I tried to highlight how Educational Therapy is not often well understood or known as a resource for families, and that there are limited resources to fund the services. It’s wonderful to have clients, learning specialists, and school community supporters who understand and promote educational therapy as a legitimate and important part of the educational field.

Togetherhood builds community with members as a means to ease the process of getting experienced help and advice, particularly for navigating complicated junctures when a child may be struggling. They have a caring group of dedicated people trying to give this site wings and I hope it might be useful to share it with others to spread the word. Check it out and consider joining the community if you haven’t already .

Check out the article here.


New Books in My Midst
I tend to read or listen to non-fiction books little by little over time. This “dose” approach allows things to seep in as a packet of learning. I share this because this mentality supports what I do with my learners as well, based on a neurospsychological framework approach. I share these books below not (yet) based on a cover to cover read, but rather as titles that I committed to as worth owning to visit over time.

Here are two books that I have been excited to check out lately. Both also have ancillary tools on web sites that allow for interactive connection to individualize the experience. Has anyone else read these? Please post your thoughts and insights!

  • Daniel Pink, “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing”  – I am listening as an audio book on Audible

I am already a fan of Mr. Pink, and listen to this in doses so that one set of information sinks in before I steep myself in the next nugget of wisdom. If you are in conversation with me, you may catch me referring to information and tips from this interesting lens of doing things in their optimal time based on your ‘chronotype’ – good stuff! Anyone else into it?

  • Deborah Reber, “Differently Wired” – I have the hardcover on my night stand for perusing

I am excited to delve into the perspectives and experience of this mom writer. She has a web site and shares resources generously. She also openly shares the story of seeking educational choices that suit her son, a twice-exceptional learner. I appreciate how she encourages re-framing how we look at the ‘differently wired”. Let me know if you know of her work and have thoughts.


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