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Learn Better?

This book summary has tips for more effective learning, with an emphasis on the “how” of learning. This is big part of my work with students.

Posted at “Medium”, “How to Learn Anything Better” by Ulrich Boser. Click here to read.


Handwriting Grips

My students are frequently working the handwriting grip. This articles offers a helpful developmental summary of grip progression on a web site with interesting occupational therapy resources.

Posted at “Hands On Learning”, article titled “Typical Pencil Grasp Development for Writing”. Click here to read.


Dyslexia In the News

On TV – CBS Sunday Morning, CBS NEWS, August 25, 2019, “Cracking the code of dyslexia.” Touches on the experiences of dyslexics, schools, and prisons. Click here to view.

On the Radio – American Public Media Radio. “At a Loss for Words: How a flawed idea is teaching millions of kids to be poor readers,” August 22, 2019 | by Emily Hanford. Click here to listen. 


Reading Research

From “Ed Week”, this article provides an easy-to-digest compilation of information on research-based reading instruction. This research is the basis of the work of qualified educational therapists and reading specialists. Ideally, it would also be the basis of teacher training in reading, published reading programs, and all reading instruction in English to offer informed and effective practices to all learners.

Published: October 2, 2019 | Corrected: October 4, 2019 How Do Kids Learn to Read? What the Science Says Click here to read.

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