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My materials are based on my years of training and practice with multisensory, simultaneous, systematic direct instruction for literacy.


  • MiM is my motto! Make it Multisensory! This means look, say, and do at the same time. Activate multiple parts of the brain for stronger recall and to develop automaticity.
  • Gamify! I always try to gamify using the materials in a way that suits the learner. We learn best with humor and play.
  • Fun – As a natural extension of MiM and Gamify – keeping it fun is key. If writing on the worksheets doesn’t connect, use a whiteboard, an easel, or fun pens. If writing is too much, then make a game with a partner, scribe from their dictation, or have them explain verbally. Adapt the materials to connect with your learners.
  • Sing – Many of us remember things in song that we couldn’t remember without the music. It activates a different part of our brain and can bypass blocks. That’s why I have created simple songs and repeated phrases to hold rules in memory. Memory before meaning also works – knowing the rule by heart already as they develop an understanding for usage works unexpectedly well.
  • Acronyms and Mnemonics – Liking singing, this useful memory tool holds a bounty of information for easier recall and ongoing reference.

Handy Hand Materials

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FLoSZ Song and Worksheets Practice Packet

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